The Promise

Status: Završen


In a remote village in the north of Serbia something unexpected has happened. All of a sudden, a French family have moved to a poor place deserted by the young.
They believe they have found a promised land for growing grapes and winemaking. But they have found only old people in the village, distrusting people with old habits.
A new challenge awaited them back home in France – how to persuade sommeliers that superior wine can be made in an unkown and problematic region? Can they awake hope and b


Žanr: Documentary

Zemlja: Serbia, Belgium

Trajanje: 74 minutes

Godina: 2016

Režija: Željko Mirković

Scenario: Željko Mirković, Dusan Gajic

Direktor fotografije: Nikola Majdak, Miodrag Trajkovic

Montaža: Pavle Nikic

Muzika: Dejan Ilijic

Producenti: Željko Mirković

Produkcija: Optimistic Film,





Eugene International Film Festival, USA, – official selection, November 2016 Mediterranean Film Festival, Italy, – official selection, December 2016 TV3, Catalonian Public TV, Barcelona, Spain, premiere, January 2017 RTS, Serbian Public TV, premiere, January 2017 European Cinematography Awards, Warsaw, Poland- official selection, February 2017 French Embassy, Washington D.C., USA- premiere, March 2017 Depth of Field film festival, Delaware, USA, – official selection, March 2017 Queens International film festival, New York, – official selection, March 2017 Red Dirt Film Festival, USA, – official selection, March 2017 Belgrade Film Festival, – official selection, March 2017 Trenton Film Festival, New Jersey, USA, – official selection, April 2017 Hoboken Film Festival, New York, USA, – official selection, May 2017 La Palace Theatre, Paris, France, premiere- June 2017 International Film Festival Oenovidéo, France, official selection – June 2017 Vero Beach Wine Festival, Florida, USA – official selection, June 2017 Tiburon International Film Festival, CA, USA- official selection, June 2017 Belgrade Cultural Center, premiere, June, 2017 Palic, European Film Festival- Eco Docs, July 2017 Wine Country Film Festival, San Francisco, USA – official selection, September 2017 Moondance International Film Festival, Colorado, USA- finalist, September 2017 Belgrade International Festival of Ethnographic Film – official selection, October 2017 DocuWest Film Festival, Colorado, USA- official selection, September 2017 AM Egypt Film Festival, Cairo- official selection, September 2017 Arlington International Film Festival, Massachusetts, USA – official selection, October 2017 BIFED, International Film Festival Istanbul, Turkey- official selection, October 2017 Devour! The Food Film Fest, Nova Scotia, Canada- official selection, October 2017 MOST Festival, Barcelona, Spain- official selection, November 2017 Chicago Serbian Film Festival, Chicago, USA- official selection, November 2017 Vancouver Serbian Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada- official selection, November 2017 Great Lakes International Film Festival, PA, USA- – official selection, September 2017 Mendocino International Film Festival, CA, USA- – official selection, October 2017 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Cinema Rialto- September 2017


  1. The Best Cultural Documentary at Eugene Film Festival, Oregon, USA. 2.The Promise won award – The Best Mediterranean  Film Festival, Italy 3. Nomination for Best Cinematography- Queens World Film Festival, New York, USA
  2. Nomination for Best Documentary- Red Dirt International Film Festival, Oklahoma, USA
  3. Best Documentary- European Cinematography Awards
  4. Exceptional Merit- Depth of Field International Film Festival, Delaware, USA
  5. Award of Excellence, Indie Fest Award, California, USA
  6. Best Script, Oenovideo Film Festival, Bordeaux, France
  7. The Best National film, International Ethnological Film Festival, Belgrade, Serbia


Optimistic film


Serbian Film Center, MEDIA